Things to Never do during a Telephonic Interview

Updated: May 5

" Words have magical power. They can either bring the greatest happiness or the biggest despair "

Things to never do during telephonic interview

Nowadays it’s very common to have a telephonic interview before a face to face interviews.

With so much of equipped technology, one can calmly sit at its comfort zone and answer an interview on a call. They durably save a lot of time and effort, maintaining the same consistency of relationship/ bond between the interviewer and candidate.

However, it is a myth that telephonic interview requires zero energy and no aspect of hard work and preparation on the candidate's part. A phone interview also requires preparation.

To put forward what one should avoid during a phone interview can be surmounted as follows: -.

1. Check your phone network

It looks like common sense but now a day’s common sense is very uncommon. 😊 Find a good place where your phone network is good. Business insider mention that there could be several technical mishaps that can strike at just the wrong moment, so please take preventing measure beforehand.

2. Avoid taking interviews in a noisy place

This is truly a bane which can lead to rejection of a candidate for a specific position as it shows less commitment towards the applied job. " Survival of the fittest" is the key idea in a telephonic interview.

3. Avoid personal talks

You are in a professional bar, and therefore the due amount of dedication and respect is required. If you as a candidate is simply into extending talks and jumping on personal facets, it might create a negative impression in the mind of the employer or it may offend it too.

4. Never skip the Q&A

It is believed that Q&A is designed to challenge the candidate on the basis of aptitude and knowledge about certain skills required to be possessed in the field. And therefore, one should never skip it. Even if you aren't familiar with the terminology, or questions you can just simply answer it honestly or say I don’t know, I’ll get back to you on this.

5. Avoid long answers

The interviewer is blessed with loads of candidates for a selection of a post. And hence, he/ she needs to do time management. However, if a candidate is busy juggling with a long-winded answer, it leads to a chance of rejection as it projects the inadequacy of responsible behavior and also insufficiency of conciseness.

6. Skip filler words

Words like "um", "uh" are unprofessional therefore they should be totally eliminated. Practice interviews multiple times before the actual interview. A mock interview by an expert will help you to prepare beforehand.

7. Never interrupt the interviewer

You might be excited to present your facts, opinions but one should never interrupt an interviewer as it leads to arrogance and negligible respect. Speaking too fast and too slow, is also a curse as it leads to show less interest in the job.

8. Do some research on the company before the interview

Try to find out the company’s culture, mission, and values, what are their products and services. Check the latest news about the company on social media. The Balance careers say Get to know the company's biggest competitors and identify their successes and flaws, too. Insight into the company's industry and rivals are bound to impress interviewers.

9. Prepare your cheat sheet

Cheatsheet helps you to plan your thoughts before and write it down on a piece of paper so that you are fully prepared for your job interview. Plan all your thoughts and questions before your next interview with our cheat sheet.

10. Do ask questions

Good questions to ask in an interview could be about the company, about the job about the boss or employer. Monster has listed down all the good questions to ask during an interview. Rarely any employer confirms a job based on a phone interview, they do call for a face-to-face interview before confirming, so do ask when can I hear from you. But always remember there are a few questions which you should never ask an interviewer.

These are some necessary precautions one should take while answering a phone interview.

It's not that difficult, I believe you will do it! 😊

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