Quarantine 😭. Will I get a job after this lock down?

Updated: May 5


The life or you call it 2nd life, the world, the business, economic growth will never be the same after this corona lockdown.

As you know the world economy has got the biggest hit for the last 100 years. Most of the companies/businesses/industries will take time to get back to normal. The positive or optimistic look to this is many new opportunities and businesses are waiting for all of us. Oh! Sorry, not for all of us. It's only for those who are ready to grab it. One-third of the global population is on corona lockdown. If you are at home "lockdown" with food, shelter, and internet facilities you are very lucky. However, if you are not utilizing this time for your new skills, new learning, new side hustle and you are complaining that how to survive after this lockdown time then it means "YOU NEVER LACKED TIME, YOU LACKED DISCIPLINE".

If you are not ready to learn at this time you better forget about your new beginning, forget about your upcoming luxury lifestyle. Yes! It may sound bitter. But the truth is that economic crisis has begun and if you don’t

Learn new skills,

Be ready for the change,

Prepare yourself for the upcoming tough time

then life is going to be difficult for you. It's not only for you. It's for all of us.

The good news is that every adversity has lots of opportunities. Those who are ready to learn, accept, change, and implement, they have an amazing abundance of opportunities waiting for them. Get ready for your new career. Getting your jobs in the next couple of years will not be the same as the last few years. You need to be ready for the new economy, a new world.

Don't try to be perfect💯✨. It's ok not to be perfect💯✨. But be fearless, adventurous, generous😉 , and ambitious. Getting prepared for this new unknown life is the key. Practice multiple times, until you succeed. Be Fearless. The Interview cracker Has Your Back.

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