How To Find A Job That Fits You

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Let’s start with a story

Once upon a time, there lived a fish, a monkey and a cheetah all of them decided to race together on land. The cheetah with all his might ran like a bullet and won the race. The fish and the monkey got disheartened as they didn't want to lose. As the fish and the monkey headed towards their respective shelters with heavy hearts, they encountered a wise owl. The owl told them lets race again but this the venue would be water. This time the fish won the race. The owl proposed another race but this time they competed against each other on tree. The monkey won the race quite comfortably. The wise owl finally said all of you guys are meant to run on different terrains there is no point competing against one another. The same analogy applies to us humans we all are meant for different jobs but we fail to understand this simple concept and are often disheartened.

Some Advice for a Freshmen

1. More often than not we students try to ace one particular field of a branch without realizing the depth of that branch or the various aspects that the branch covers and when we fail to achieve success in that particular path, we give up on the entire branch itself.

2. We students need to realize that there are a wide variety of options available within any field, we need to break free from the shackles of stereotype, we need to wander, research among options before we can realize which job actually suits us.

3. Never try too hard in a job for if it doesn't come naturally to you then perhaps that job isn't meant for you.

4. It is always better to be the best at an unorthodox job rather than being the worst at a stereotypical job.

Internships Do They Help

An internship is one of the first steps that let you get a grasp of the work culture of any company; A good internship lets you get an ideal understanding of the day to day difficulties that a normal employee of that particular sector faces. That is why many companies offer Pre-Placement Offers to Interns who perform well. Hence one student must always try to get Internships right from the first year of his college itself.

Still Stuck and confused about your career?

If you are still unable to understand which career/job you should work for, you can enroll yourself for a Career Planning Workshop. has some of the best Career Planning Workshop which you can enroll yourself in and try to get a gist of what kind of job really suits you. This website has been of immense help to many freshers who couldn’t exactly decide where they want to head.x`

An Amusing Anecdote from The Past

One thing that I would like to add is that always keep trying different activities you never know when you find that one thing that you are really great at. Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC realized that he is great at making chicken wings at the age of 40 and started KFC at the age of 52 so it is never too late to learn something new and make a living out of it. Always think out of the box for who knows your job might well be to help others find the right job for themselves.

Written by

Kunal Kumar

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