How to be Confident in your First Job Interview

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Many sleepless nights, years of hard work, overcoming the obstacles and here you are finally putting yourself together for the ultimate big step, The Interview. The interview is just a matter of 15-20 min which has the potential to bring your dreams to reality. Here are a few steps to enhance your confidence to ace the interview.


You might have been living through someone else’s perception of perfection, it’s time to embrace the real you. Waiting for people to appreciate, is waiting to be confident. Ask yourself if you are ready, if u can answer your conscience, good enough, there you go.


No movie plays the same role twice simultaneously, in the same way, to be selected you need to play your unique role and not the one adopted by the masses in general. You need to stick with that which makes you stand out from the crowd.


There are certain situations in which you might be comfortable and certain others where you might not be. One always feels comfortable around family and friends as there is no judgmental environment, just assume that the panel members have been friends with you for a while now. Imagine that the interview panel is your audience waiting to learn something from you, do your best in expressing your views and making them sail on the same boat as yours. It comes with testing and time so you need to be patient. You need to practice your interview many times before the actual interview.


Don’t compromise on your values out of the fear of being judged. In research on leadership, integrity is consistently rated as one of the most important character traits of a respected leader. However false ethical integrity serves no purpose and in turn, is more harmful. The quality of a person you are is determined by how well you live up to the values that are most important to you. Holding on to your core values only enhances your value. Don’t put yourself under the pressure of scrutiny as it might hamper your way of thinking.


Honesty plays a decisive role indeed. When asked about failures don’t reply by saying you haven’t had any, it only portrays that you are trying to cover up your failures. Instead, explain the lessons learned from them. Don’t be hesitant to speak of your financial or educational status or your previous job experiences. Also, it’s not a platform to voice your dissent in a revolutionary tone just make sure that you are holding a diplomatic stand while pressing on what you feel is right.


Dressed up in smart clothes, appealing hair-cut, polished shoes might take you into the room but not sufficient enough for getting you through the interview. The only thing that you need to wear properly is your confidence, this can be attained by feeding your mind with positivity, believing that you are already good enough for the interview. Your attire might not reveal confidence but your confidence from the inside reflects on the outside. It sends a signal that you are capable enough to undertake the job and deal with the challenges therein.


Tune your mind to face uncomfortable, no-mercy questions from the panel. If possible, go through videos of similar interviews and try answering. This will be helpful to get accustomed to the stressful environment. Try talking to yourself and record it, listen to it from a third-person perspective so u will be able to understand your approach and tone. The interviewers often twist questions but ensure that self-contradictory answers are not given. Acceptable or unacceptable stick to whatever feels right to you.


Given the tension in the air and the nervous environment, there is a trick to stay calm, it is to steadily focus your attention on a single object or get involved in what you are trying to explain so that you forget the sense of nervousness. Think of it as an exciting chance to meet new people and learn a new skill set. Remind yourself of how you have overcome a much stressful event in the past and try to lessen the intensity of stress. Remember the interviewer is also stressed and you are not the only one so don’t give up.


Most of the follow-up questions will be dependent on your answers so u can make the boat sail in your direction by answering the questions while laying emphasis on concepts that you are well aware of so shifting the interviewer’s focus on those topics that you are well versed with. Convert your answers into rousing the interviewer’s curiosity. Use the questions to quote your past experiences where you have shown commitment, leadership, creativity. Most of the times critical questions can be answered by addressing just the root cause of the question. When faced with questions you are not sure about just try to keep it plain and simple instead of trying to heavily establish your point while not being sure about it.

Practice and experience make a person better so, don’t lose confidence, don’t be demotivated, be patient and don’t give up. Happiness doesn’t lie in attaining the goal but enjoying the journey to attain it.

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