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Updated: May 5

Customer Support

10 Common Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Q.1) Why do you want to work in customer service?

Ans: I have good communication skills and all the relevant skills to be a good customer service executive. I have a problem-solving approach for any critical situation, which makes me suitable for the customer service sector. I have time management skills that make me comfortable with multitasking and workload management.

Q.2) Why should we hire you?

Ans: I have good communication skills with discipline and professionalism. I can maintain good public relations with my communication skills. I will make sure that every customer should be satisfied with the services provided by me as a customer service executive. I will never disappoint a customer with any unprofessional behavior. These skills make me suitable for this position, where I will have scope for my skills.

Q.3) How do you handle an arguing customer?

Ans: I understand that every customer has different kinds of problems related to products or services. Some customers may get angry due to difficulties with products or services. I will try to understand the reason behind the anger and will focus on resolving that cause of dissatisfaction instead of replying in the same angry tone. I will develop a problem-solving approach for handling such arguing customers.

Q.4) What is good customer service?

Ans: Customer satisfaction is the result of good customer service. Good customer service is a combined result of the problem-solving approach and presence of mind. I will make sure that I have those skills to understand customer problems and resolve them by satisfying the customer issues.

Q.5) What are the qualities of customer service executives?

Ans: In my understanding qualities of customer service executives:

● Time management

● Presence of mind

● Good public relations

● Attentive to customers

● Impactful communication skills

● Service with smile

Q.6) How to maintain customer’s trust?

Ans: Customer satisfaction is the key to maintain a trustworthy relationship with the customers. On-time assistance and punctual problem resolution are the essential factors for a trustworthy relationship with clients. Once a customer is satisfied, he/she build trust with the company/brand. I will always try to be polite during my conversations and win the trust of clients.

Q.7) How to understand customer’s needs?

Ans: I understand that active listening skill is essential for understanding the customer’s needs. To satisfy customer problems understanding the mentality of the customer is essential. My skills of being a good listener and being empathetic are added advantages for this role. I will ask relevant questions politely to understand the situation.

Q.8) How do you keep yourself motivated when people are mean to you?

Ans: I will try to understand that why the client is unhappy with the product or service. I will be ready to face the conversation with unhappy clients with a positive approach to handle their problems related to products or services.

Q.9) How do you respond if you don’t know the answer to a customer’s question?

Ans: If I am not sure of the answer to a customer’s question, I will confirm it from a reliable source before responding to a customer. I will make sure that I don’t misguide a customer with the wrong information. I will go through a proper channel and provide correct information to the customer.

Q.10) What is customer satisfaction?

Ans: Customer Satisfaction is defined as customer's happiness with the company's product, service, and interaction. Sometimes it is defined as how much our products and services are meeting customer's expectations. Customer satisfaction is a must for any company's growth. I will make sure that during my interaction with the customers I help the company meet their expectations.


A customer support job is an exciting job opportunity if you love solving problems.

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