Become Inside Sales Champion

Unit 7: Interview Assessment

Question #


How to grab interviewer's attention?

Keep ignoring their questions.

Ask a question to the interviewer that requires them to speak more

By speaking rudely

By always agreeing to the interviewer

Question #


How to keep the conversation engaging?

By following this technique Speak. Ask. Listen. Repeat. and by remembering that any conversation is a two way street.

By ignoring the questions.

Stop making eye-contact and wander about the room.

None of the above.

Question #


Sales is a _______________.

Arguing job


Two way Conversation

None of the above

Question #


What points to include in question like "Tell me about yourself"

Introduce yourself

Give your education background & share 1-2 key skills

Talk about your family briefly.

All of the above.

Question #


What to answer to " Do you have more questions for me?"

What will be my salary?

May I know more details regarding my job position and role?

Only a

Only b

Question #


How can one get ready for a telephonic call?

Find a good location:

Do your research:

Prepare notes

All of the above