Become Inside Sales Champion

Unit 2: Assessment

Question #


What is the sales term for: A customer or a business that can become a buyer of your product or service

Potential customer




Question #


MQL stands for?

Marginal Quantity Leverage

Marginal Query Leverage

Marketing Qualified Leads

Markup Query Language

Question #


SQL stands for?

Structured Query Language

Sales Qualified Leads

Selling Quantity League

Selling Quality Lead

Question #


Who is a Cold Lead?

A person who does not show interest in buying your product or service at all.

A person who shows interest and is ready to buy the product/service.

A person who feels cold.

A person who is not empathetic.

Question #


Who is a Hot Lead?

A person who is not interested in your offering.

A person who has shown a high interest in your offering.

A person who has fever.

A person who is sympathetic.

Question #


The process of making sure that the customer gets the value out of the product/service is called _________________

Customer delight.

Cold calling

Customer Success Management (CSM)

Customer Retention Management (CRM)