Salary: ₹ 15 - 20k/Month
Location: Bangalore

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Customer Support



Responsibilities of  Customer Support Executive:​

● To maintain trustworthy relations with the clients and subscribers for long-term success in the market.

● Customer support related to product or services of the organization

● Solving customer queries and problems within time.

● Analyzing the customer problems and advising the organization for relevant solutions.

● Understanding customer suggestions and complaints about the development of the organization.

● Problem resolution and customer handling

● Understanding the customer concerns and handling their problems with politeness and respect.

● Develop a good relationship between customer and service provider for long-term customer assurance.

● Generating a customer feedback report for the organization to understand customer concerns for their product or service.

● Assisting the organization in planning the strategies for reducing customer complaints.

● Planning for positive customer feedback.

● Maintaining a pleasant working environment for the organization.

● Conducting quality assurance surveys from customers and subscribers.

● Creating policies and procedures for the improvement in customer service.

● Managing a team of customer support representatives offering customer services.

● Setting customer service protocols.

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What we are searching for

  • Good written and verbal communication.

  • Minimum Qualification - Graduate

  • 0-2 year Experience

  • Who can work in: Bangalore.

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